Friday, May 30, 2008

RevolutionMoneyExchange Referral

RevolutionMoneyExchange is like PayPal, but only better. Click here for a detailed review by Sun.
I was able to catch the $25+$5 promotion that Sun mentioned in his post right before the promotion ends. It, however took them 2 weeks to set up my account since I have lived less than 12 months in my current address, and they had to ask me to forward a copy of my utility bills to verify it. But from talking to them, the account opening will be a soft pull, and hence won't affect your credit score. Now, they still have this $10 referral bonus for current account holders. If you are interested in establishing an account with them, I'm more than happy to refer you and share the $10 referral bonus with you. ($5 goes to you and $5 goes to me.) Just shoot me an email, and then I will send you a referral. Upon receiving the $10 from RevolutionMoneyExchange, I will send you $5 immediately via RevolutionMoneyExchange.


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