Thursday, February 21, 2008


Updated February 20, 2008.

Beyond Small Money is a personal finance blog. The information published here, unless the sources are explicitly given, are the author's his own. The author is not a financial professional. Readers should use their own judgment and assume the full responsibility when it comes to making important financial decisions. Please consult a trained financial adviser if you want solid financial advice.

The author of this blog, Frankie, graduated from college in May 2007. He took an entry level position for a mid-cap corporation immediately afterwards. Soon he discovered that he was too independent for the corporate environment. He wants intellectual freedom, but he doesn't want to be like a crazy scientist who neglect his personal life and let others take care of himself especially financially. So he started asking himself how to make money without working for it. Well, there is only one answer:

Let money make itself.

Beyond Small Money was hence born, with the goal to serve as a journal of Frankie's path to financial freedom and his research, learnings and thoughts about investment, finance and Economics., as well as a communication channel between you and him.

Welcome and Enjoy!

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